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In the Name of ALLAH, the Benevolent, the Merciful.

A web-site dedicated to ‘HAZRAT MAKHDUM FAKIH ALI MAHIMI (R.A.)’ a Great Sufi Saint and Great Scholar of 14th century was born and brought up in Mahim, now suburbe of the Great Metropolis Mumbai , He is first commentator of the Holy Quran in India and supported the philosophy of “ Wahdatul Wajud” of Mohiuddin Ibn-Arabi of Spain. He has authored about 20 books in Arabic..

This web-site seeks to provide information about the life, works and thoughts of ‘HAZRAT MAKHDUM FAKIH ALI MAHIMI (R.A.)’ also known as the ‘Qutbe-E-Kokan’. Incidences of his life and miracles attributed to him are many. He is honoured by taking lessons from Hazrat Khizar (Alaihis-salaam), who taught to Hazrat Moosa Alaihis-salaam.

This web-site also briefly explores the city of Mahim. The information contained herein is based upon the archives and the teachings of the Saint, and also the information about activities, programmes, plan and projects of Trust.

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